Falling in the polls ? Nobody should be surprised

As many no, I am no fan of the coalition deal. But it appears that my worst fears might be proved right about the capitulation of Lib Dem MPs to David Cameron when you see that Lib Dem poll ratings are falling whilst those for the Tories are increasing.

It is an obvious and logical conclusion for electors to decide that if the coalition does it a good job then they should support the larger partner in the coalition because as the larger partner, they deserve more praise than the junior partner. Similarly, it is hard for the Lib Dems to claim that people should not vote Tory as the Lib Dems are backing the Tories.

Don't be surprised to see Lib Dem rating fall further in the near future.


Quiet_Man said...

it wasn't as if you increased your vote by much in the general election, 1% approx.
can you imagine where it would be now if you'd sided with Labour?

dougf said...

The non-LibDem-LibDems are returning to the mother ship. They NEVER were Liberals, they were Labourites on a jaunt. One things ever become like 'serious', they were going to go.

As QM said, imagine what you be reaping if you had sided with Labour. The Party did the 'right' thing --- it will be rewarded in the future, but the future might take a while.

These current losses are best viewed as 'housecleaning'. You can't build a Party on people who are really just visiting.

Anonymous said...

18 months and you'll both be in big trouble

but so will the country

I predict a riot - at some point. And I hope to be there.

Manfarang said...

A riot?
A fat lot of good that will do!

English Pensioner said...

Some people just aren't realists. A coalition has to be give and take and the LibDems are having more say than if the Conservatives had formed a minority government.
Would they have sided with Labour to cause it to fall, or simply abstained on contentious issues. However you look at it, neither of these options would have improved their poll ratings.

And, as I've said before, if they get PR, we are quite likely to have permanent coalition governments (just name one country with PR where they don't!).
I think they got a far to good deal.

Anonymous said...

There you go again! Undermining your lifetime support of a party that promotes PR as better than first past the post. Why did you ever support PR, if you believe the junior partners in a coalition government will in your words, 'always lose votes to the larger party'. What is the incentive for any smaller party to join a coalition? Without coalition governments how will PR ever work? Muddled thinking or what! Glad your not teaching my kids with your flawed logic.

Norfolk Blogger said...

If you look back to earlier postings you will see that PR offers minority parties more protection than FPTP. But since you just want a rant ( I have deleted the abusive messages you have posted to other stories) I don't really know why I am bothering to answer you.

Anonymous said...

I haven't sent any abusive messages, at any time. I don't generally have time to write to blogs. Just a comment which you have failed to answer. Not much protection for a smaller party if their reward for helping form a coalition is to lose votes in the future. (Is that comment abusive?) Why don't you just explain your contradictions in a measured way?