My favourite school day of the year !

Today I have been enjoying my favourite day of the school year, our trip to the Royal Norfolk Show !

For those who do not know, the Royal Norfolk Show is one of the biggest agricultural and trade shows in the country, attracting tens of thousands of visitors, including many thousands of school children from across the county.

For me, the highlight still remains getting stickers and freebies from the stands, and I make something of a competition of it to see who can get the best stuff. I would like to think I did well with frisbees and baseball caps amongst my haul.

I did see a couple of celebs, with Mike Liggins from BBC East wandering around and a Big Brother winner (I was assured by a 9 year old). But my personal highlight was seeing my friend Simon Wright, now MP for Norwich South wandering around in a very official capacity.

Of course, the show is not just a nice day out. It is a fabulous learning opportunity for children too. Children were able to learn about road safety, lifesaving, healthly eating, and of course, something of the farming heritage of Norfolk which many city dwellers may know very little about.

All in all, a great day and one I will look forward to next year.

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English Pensioner said...

I hope you did a proper risk assessment. To me it seems a highly dangerous place to take children. Aren't there live animals at such places which might bite or gore children as well as having all manner of diseases? And what about all that dangerous farm machinery? Hope you were well insured!