Taverham Summer Fayre

I've been helping out at Taverham Summer Fayre today, and the day couldn't have been better.

Thankfully (or sadly as the case may be) England did the Fayre (and many others) by losing last week and avoiding a TV clash with Argentina on the afternoon of the fayre, so the number of people attending was high and the weather was warm and pleasant rather than been scorching.

I was asked a few weeks ago if I was interested in helping, so got their bright and early at 7am to help set up and was impressed at the small but dedicated team of helping on the organising committee who turned the village hall field in to a traditions British summer scene of stalls, gazemos, raffles and show rings, with the ubiquitous straw bales, bunting and booming PA system in a matter of two and a half hours.

Upon arrival I was thanked for doing more to help in one morning that my Tory predecessor did in 7 years as a councillor. I know I shouldn't be shocked given that my predecessor had an awful attendance record in turning up to Broadland Council meetings, and was invisible at Parish meetings, but to serve as a District Councillor for this area is an honour, but it comes with a responsibility to give something back to the community. So when I was asked to be involved  with the organising committee for next year's fayre, I said I will do whatever I can. So hopefully I can help make the fayre just as good next year, although I cannot guarantee the weather will be so good !

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