All set up for disappointment

I am all set for the football this afternoon with the final piece of the jigsaw complete.

We had already sorted what we will do, where we will watch the game and we now know the team, So what is the final piece of the puzzle ? Belief.

Yes, like every England fan, I have convinved myself that man for man, on paper, as things stand, England have 11 better players than Germany and that we will win.

Now all I have to do is be ready fopr the disappointment.


Anonymous said...

You can always look forward to Camerons speech at Lib dem conference (or is it Thatcher.

So glad the Con/Lib Government are to scrap teachers preperation time, end national pay, pay freeze and scrap teachers pensions

oh so progressive

still the poor children can have free school meals

oh they scrapped that as well

Norfolk Blogger said...

You are right. Everyone iis paying a terrible price for labours terrible mismanagement of the economy. You simply can't run an economyon acreditcard as labour did.

Anonymous said...

No pay freeze for the football players!What a load of.....

Anonymous said...

so what element of Labours spending did you in the lib Dems disagree with ??????

I dont recall you saying dont build that hospital or school

The Tories love the cuts and Lib Dems are happy to go along so long as they get a Ministerial car

How can you back that budget that everyone agrees hits the poor

Cancer patients facing benefits interviews how sick

but if thats what gets you up in the morning

your problem.....

The Tories love it your votes dont !

Anonymous said...

Even President Obama says UK gov cuts go to far ????

Ever heard of Keynesian economics

no need to cut so deep

750,000 public sector workers losing jobs wont help the economy

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

There's something on my latest blogpost designed to lift post-defeat gloom - http://judyadamsonartanddesign.blogspot.com/?spref=tw


Anonymous said...

Did you see that Capello is to appoint Clegg as deputy

Manfarang said...

Anony 17:27
What elements of Labours spending...
An illegal war in Iraq.
How many schools and hospitals could have been built with all that money?

Anonymous said...

But the Lib dems still supporting troops in Afganistan and Iraq

next stop Iran if Tories get there way