I can't get too excited about that !

It appears that I am in something of a minority about England's display against Slovenia yesteday.

Whilst everyone else is getting excited, I remain deeply concerned aobut the makeweights in the England side (and I include Lampard and Rooney in this group) who add nothing to the team given their poor form, and I am deeply concerned about the lack of goals. Remember, just one more goal would have seen us playing Ghana in the next round followed up by a game against either Uruguay or South Korea. Instead now our next three games will be against Germany, Argentina and Spain !

So whilst we rejoice in beeintg a country with a population of 2 million which only has 30,000 registered footballers, lets remember that we should be doing much better.


Anonymous said...

Nich - i too was pretty embarrassed by our group stage performance. i hope we are leaving out best until last. Germany in the last 16, with a strong possibility of Argentina in the last 8 if we make it !

Keep them fingers crossed on Sunday
Dave T

Norfolk Blogger said...

At least we have done better than Italy and France.

Brian Clough said...

Look, leave football to people who know about it and play it.

Why not look at the team's results over the last 15 games and then comment on their form? Go on, do it.

Stick to regressive budgets and raising taxes you promised not to.

dazmando said...

Brian Clough we all know something about football dont we?

Yes we got the hard route. our own fault but Germany and Spain dont look great. We could lose to Ghana and USA should of come top, they played better. But atleast we have not peaked too early.

I have seen enough world cups to understand that your only as good as the current game and even when teams play well they can get knocked out or play badly after playing well. Easy temas are nolonger easy. The difference between football nations is not as great as it once was. So we could lose to Ghana and we can beat Germany, not worried

English Pensioner said...

We don't have and English TEAM, all we have is a number of English born individuals who are more interested in themselves than their country. You only have to look at our major football teams, how many English players do you find?

Dan R said...

Cloughy "it only takes a second to score a goal.. just you remember that young man..sit back, light a cigar the polish goalie is a clown" etc etc

we woud hate to defile your memory with references to Fashanu, Wallace, Rosario etc

Having watched the England team capitulate and disapoint me for thirty years the group stage was par for the course. But.... they played better than 1990! and we were worse in the first two matches in 1986. But we will win on Sunday - if all else fails - sheer bloody minded optimism prevails