Th real truth about Ruth Kelly

Whatever Gordon Brown and Labour might be trying to spin today, there are certain truths that they cannot hide about Ruth Kelly resigning.

1) For many months it has been openly known that Ruth Kelly has been unhappy at the direction of the Brown government.

2) She has been a mother and just as needed by her family for the last 11 years, so why now it is so important to spend time with her family, people will have to draw their own conclusions.

3) Somebody in the Labour Party leaked the news to the BBC for malicious reasons in order to undermine Gordon Brown's good news from yesterday. They must also have known that the BBC and other news organisation would be fully briefed enough to run with the story and give it the profile and "legs" required to keep it as a top news item. A story like this rarely has the legs to survive a whole news day at the top of the agenda without people in the press knowing more than they can actually say.

The truth is, this appears to be yet another orchestrated attempt to undermine his leadership.

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