Charles Clarke de-selection will not happen

The EDP reports that attempts are being made by Labour to de-select Charles Clarke from his vulnerable Norwich South seat.

The truth is though that Labour in Norwich larely like Charles Clarke. Despite seeming to spend a lot of time in London and not being seen by some as a constituency based MP, he gets on well with Labour activists, does all the right things, shakes the right hands, organises his office well and there is virtually no chance of him being deselected by local party members.


Crushed said...

I must admit, I dislike the man so much I'd happily give my services to the Norwich South LDs to help them doorknocking.

He is a disgrace to politics, full stop.

Anonymous said...

According to YouGov you'd be better off helping the Tories.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't beleive those polls too much. After all, I was told about polls held in Lib Dem held seats prior to the 1997 election which indicated, at least in one case, that the Lib Dems were in third place.

Outside of election periods people are less aware of the result last time and also are less likely to indicate tactical voting.

I'd happily bet that the tories won't win in Norwich South. After all, they slipped from 2nd to third last time.