Lib Dems set to overtake Labour in opinion polls ?

With labour increasingly looking like they will come bottom in the popular vote amongst the three main parties on Thursday, a new opinion poll from Communicate Research (reported via Iain Dale) shows Labour on 26% and the Lib Dems on 20%. This shows Labour down 5% and the Lib Dems up 3%.

If Labour suffer a real trouncing on Thursday and the news continues to get worse there is a real chance that the next set of opinion polls could have the Lib Dems in second place and Labour in a real crisis.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Opinion polls always favour Labour, so it must be bad for them. The Lib dems were to the left of Labour under Blair, but I hope the Libs are moving to the right and they need to distance themselves from Labour. Liberel to me should mean freedom not more state control. The should call themselves ' The Liberel Party' as they were before the Labour party throw outs joined them as the SDP.
The biggest mistake the liberals made was alowing the SDP to take them over as they moved further to the left.

asquith said...

We have got to keep on slamming Camoron. Tell these middle-class, affluent voters who supported Blair and are now supporting Cameron that in neither case did they get the liberal they were looking for. We are the liberals :)

HF said...

The question is are we changing our strategic allocation of resources to focus on winning Labour seats rather than Conservative ones?

At the last GE we were 10 points behind the Conservatives and 13 behind Labour. At the next GE we look like being 20+ behind the Conservatives and only a few points (possibly 0) behind Labour.

Greenfield said...

Hi Nich,
Lets hope we get the votes in the right places (ie more seats & Councils) on Thursday not just a high percentage!

Gavin Whenman said...

If the 2004 results are repeated then Labour will be in third place (hooray).

Anonymous said...

Gosh... I hadn't realised that Labour had sunk so low in the opinion polls.