When you use false figures to justify yourself you know you've lost the argument

Jim Knight, schools minister and Labour MP, has justified the pay settlement given to teachers because, he claims, "the average teacher earns £34,000".

The problem with Mr Knight's statement is that this figure includes all qualified teachers including the salaries of headteachers and deputy head teachers. So the £34,000 figure is not actually the typical average pay of a classroom teacher.

Whatever side you are on in the argument of teacher's pay, it hardly helps to have a government muddy the waters with incorrect figures that attempt to misrepresent the truth. It would be like me claiming the average MP earns an amount based on and including ministerial salaries.

I shouldn't be disappointed. I have come to expect nothing less from Labour in recent years.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Labour just cannot be believed in anything. This is just yet another example where labour does noy know fact from fiction.

Im Backing Boris.

Edis said...

Clearly a more junior Mr Knight fell asleep when his hard-working teachers explained the difference between 'mean' 'median' and 'mode'when it comes to averages.

Though I wouldnt bet my life that all LDs are more staistically clued up. How about an ALDC guide on 'not strangling yourself with statistics'?