If you can't keep your promises when in opposition ...

It might be honest of him to admit that he has failed to keep his promise to end the adversarial "Punch and Judy" politics, but David Cameron has also made himself look a little daft.

The fact is that he has promised very little so far, preferring to keep policies under his hat for fear of the scrutiny it will put he and his party under. But one thing that opposition parties usually have in their favour is that they don't break their promises, after all, the promises are based on what they would do if they were in power.

You have to ask Dave if he can't keep his promises when in opposition, what ever would he be like in government

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Johnny Norfolk said...

Here we go again, Its quite pathetic, of all thats going on and you come up with this. its as if a labour party spin doctor wrote it for you. Its just Cameron comming into the real political world. He may be growing up.

Is ypur party Lib/Dem/Lab as it
sounds like it to me.

Joe Grimond would be turning .....