Did the BNP withdraw their candidate because they disapproved of what he said or because they were worried about him losing them votes

The BNP have removed their London Assembly candidate Nicholas Eriksen (now there's a good old British name for you !) from their list as a GLA candidate after load of press furore and it even being brought up in Prime Minister's Questions today.

The question is, why did it take the press and PMQ's to get the BNP to act ?

Did they diagree with what he said yesterday ? If so they seemed very quiet about it or has the negative press coverage and the fact that it would destroy their female vote (yes, women can be racist too) make them realise that he had to go.

After all, one BNP candidate described Mr Eriksen's views as "totally and absolutely abhorrent" but the BNP's deputy leader Simon Darby had not seemed that bothered and offered an excuse to Mr Eriksen by suggesting thatthe comments had been taken "completely out of context".


Quiet_Man said...

Like any political party they will have acted in what they perceived to be "their" best interests, certainly not the publics, or indeed out of any sort of morality.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I have no idea who said what and i am not at all interested in who the BNP candidate is . we just want rid of Livingstone as it is people like him that create the BNP types. we do not need extreamists like Livingstone or the BNP.

Anonymous said...

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Norfolk Blogger said...

I've seen this list reproduced by the BNP ovber and over again. I note the BNP have to go back sometimes nearly 30 years in order to get a list this long.

Why anonymous ?

Oh, and there is one major difference. The political parties named did not offer excuses for these people as the BNP did for Mr Eriksen.

Johnny Norfolk said...

But his list is correct. I bit more balance needed here I think.

Norfolk Blogger said...


The BNP offered excused, the other parties didn't.

Anonymous said...

Entire Labour Party conspired to conceal the activities of Labour Party activist and serial child-molester Mark Trotter, who died from AIDS before he could be convicted

Norfolk Blogger said...

Do you know that sending the same comment multiple times at various different hours of the day does not make you correct. I've allowed the comment but stop being an anonymous troll sending multiple identical comments.