One in six schools breaking admissions rules

The government named and shamed the 96 schools who were, in the three areas randomly sampled by the government, breaking admissions rules. Extrapolated across the country it would mean that in in six schools are breaking the rules.

The fact that some schools were asking for £50 cheques with admissions forms, some were asking for a regular monthly direct debit of more than £30 and in one case they asked for nearly £3000 a year, highlights that some schools care little about diving everyone a good education and care more about how much money the parents have.

The problem is, of course, that the government has driven some schools to this setting in some circumstances ludicrous targets which can only be met by schools poaching brighter kids.

Irrespective of this, those responsible for asking for large donations with applications should question whether they are in the right profession in the first place.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

The sooner we have the voucher system the better. It should be parents and the Head Master/Mistress that decides not local authorities or the government.

This lottery system is the most stupid PC thing I have ever heard of. My friends live 3 doors away from the local school, but they now travel 10 miles to the school the lottery chose. Its all political dogmaa bringing education down to the lowest level. so we are fair to everyone. Its just pathetic.