I've never been so insulted !

I am very grateful to Iain Dale who e-mailed me directly this evening to alert me to the "great slur" that had been done to me on a blog.

I thought at first it my be Devil's Kitchen again launching some tirade of four letter abuse my way or even one of the few Labour bloggers around who refer to me in less than polite tones, but no, it's much worse than that.

Apparently The Elusive Pimpernel thinks I am a Labour Party supporter !

How very dare you !


Anonymous said...

I notice... besides being a former Lib Dem councillor... that you are not objecting to the willy waving slur bit.

Given the recent multiple Cleggover incident and your party's proclivity for Cheeky Girls... is there something you wish to tell us?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Well I can understand why he thinks this. So lets look at it. You are anti Tory for sure. And you very often defend Labour ie that harman woman.I would describe you as Labour supporting in your writings and Liberal in name only.

Reading your blogs thats how it looks to me.

As I have said before if you are a true liberal you should be nearer to the Tory party than labour.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason can be found from his subtitle "The ravings of a mad man".

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh dear Johnny. You don;t actually read what I say, you just make comments don't you ?

If I am a big defender of Labour, how come the tag for harriett Maram os "Harriett Harmthem", and how come if you add up all my comments from the last two weeks you'll find more attacking Labour than attacking the Tories (by a very big margin).

You comment on every story I write so surely you would have noticed this unless you don't actually read them ?

Johnny Norfolk said...

I am just trying to show you the error of your ways, you must look upon me as a friend.

Norfolk Blogger said...

So what is the error of my ways ? i am far more critival of laboutr than I am of any other political party and I am even brave enough to criticise my own party unlike most political bloggers.

Bert said...

I think that a erson like yourself would make an excellent contribution to the Labour Party, There is a nich e waiting for you in Norwich!!

Elusive Pimpernel said...

I humbly apologise - to accuse someone of being a Labour party supporter when they are not is indeed a vicious vicious slur.

I'll make a point of rereading your posts over the weekend as I've clearly got the wrong end of the stick. Still - maybe your sub-concious is expressing a hidden desire through your writing?

@anonymous - given the state of the three main political parties it's no wonder I'm mad. And it's easy to confuse the three - they're equally contemptible and offer shockingly little choice despite their posturing. Do I think the Conservatives or Liberals will run the country any better than Labour? No I do not.

Beaman said...

Could have been worse. Imagine being thought of as a 'Respect' supporter!