BBC make allegations against the BNP

It would be worth listening to BBC Radio 4 at 8pm tonight to listen to a File on Four report about the BNP and it's somewhat dodgy financial recording.

The BBC aclaims that they have evidence of records and receipts being shredded and burnt by the BNP and that some donations have not been properly declared.

The BNP have already come back at the BBC claiming it is a conspiracy, but anyone interested in politics ought to listen to it and find out for themselves.


Gavin Whenman said...

It might have escaped the BBC's notice, but they're also a bunch of xenophobic, racist, genocidal, Neanderthal-descended, intellectually-moribund white supremacists. Surely a more serious allegation?

Alfie said...

Financial irregularities, dodgy bungs in brown paper envelopes and sharp practices committed by slimeball party foot soldiers.....

Are you sure the programme isn't about New Labour, the Scottish Labour Party or the Tories?

Anonymous said...

We need to remember the great anti-fascist record in this country

The Unity Front, the men and women who went to Spain, Cable street, WW2 and opposed the fascists in the 70's and 80's in most towns in the UK. South Africa etc......

Lets work on what unites us

we also remember when part of the UK was invaded by the Nazi's what happended.... what happended to the Jews and who led the resistance

Anonymous said...

The BBC goes rather a long way to expose these people for their criminal, football and "far right" proclivities (I've never understood what is meant by that last), right up to publishing their photographs.

See http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/in_depth/programmes/2001/bnp_special/membership/advisory/criminal.stm and click on each of the links.