Heather Mills - A self fulfilling prophecy

Watching the news today and the various spin put on the divorce hearing of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, it is fascinating to hear "friends" of heather Mills making the arguments as to why she should have so much of Sir Paul's money.

She apparently refused a substantial offer amounting to several tens of millions of pounds last year because "it was not enough money to provide for her security". Note that is not financial security, but personal security. This apparently relates to the fact that she is hounded by the press and abused in the street by ordinary members of the public. Not at all nice for her, I am sure, but is there a reason for this abuse ?

The problem is that there is a reason, and it was brought on by Heather Mills herself. Upon splitting with Sir Paul, she could have let it be known that the split was amicable (even if it wasn't) and she wanted a swift settlement that would ensure that she was not grabbing Sir Paul's millions. This would have left Heather Mills in a strong position in terms of public support and would ahve meant there would have been no public or press backlash. The problem was that I don't remember this happening.

Most people seem to think that she has been after as much money as possible right from the start. And strangely, despite her denials, her actions since, her loathing from the general public, her tears on TV and her rants at the tabloid press have made her unpopular and increased the perceived need to have more personal security. It's a sort of self fulfilling prophecy that she has brought upon herself.

The saddest part though is not that Sir Paul McCartney will be deprived of several tens of millions of pounds of his fortune or that Heather Mills gets sworn at in the street, bad as those things are. No, the saddest thing is that two people, two parents, have fallen out so publicly and their daughter will always be reminded of it. If it's not hard enough having one of the most famous people in the world as your dad, it's harder still to have your parents appear to hate each other so publicly.

I hope Heather Mills and Sir Paul can find happiness in whatever they do in the future and can build a happy life for their little girl.

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