Cuts in "Local news for local people" from ITV

It is a shame to see ITV losing another one of its best features, and one of the key things that opponents of the BBC's license fee payers always use to argue against the BBC.

The anti BBC brigade constantly tell us that "the market" will provide and that the BBC does not need a license fee. but it is clear that the public service ethos and the wish to provide high quality news is something that can be pushed aside early on when a company like ITV wants to maximise profits.

To my mind this is a shame as I think ITV's local news is far, far higher that the local BBC news, particularly in the Eastern Region where we have to put up with presenter Stuart White, who could compete for Britain at the Olympics if being smug ever became an Olympic sport.

ITV was founded up and took great pride in its localness, which is something the BBC copied. Now, for many, their only truly local news that will be proved will be from the BBC.

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