Ellie Lawrenson - The Question's Left Unanswered

Yesterday's "Not Guilty" verdict on Allie Lawrenson's grandmother, who had been accused of Manslaughter might be the end of the story for some, but for me it leaves certain key questions unaswered.

I would like to know

1) Ellie's grandmother had smoked 10 joints and was then knocking back a bottle of wine. Surely the 10 joints constitutes some sort of offence ?

2) What is Ellie's mother's role in this ? She left her child with a woman who was, it appears from the evidences, stoned and on her way to being drunk too.

3) The dog was, according to Merseyside Police, the strongest dog they had ever dealt with. Why would someonw have an illegal fighting dog that had the strength of a "trained" animal ready to fight if it was not for dog fighting which is in itself illegal.

The family's loss is terrible, but I do not beleive it was all the fault of the dog. Some people made dreaful mistakes and dreadful decisions which led to Ellie's death and as it is, she is the one who really suffered.

However, my final question is for the police. Why are they not taking pro-active action against aggressive violent dogs. I know of people who have been attacked by dogs and, to put it bluntly, the police do not care. I was always under the impression that a god attack was taken seriously. In Ellie's case there was a lot of evidence to show that the dog has attacked people before and nto just family members. It is all well and good for the police to make platitudes about "Ellie not dying in vain", but actually, she has.

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