David Cameron is always wise ......... after the event

The re-emergence of foot and mouth disease in Surrey is another disaster for farmers and a great shame too for the government who had, in the view of most observers, done everything possible to ensure it was contained and dealt with.

So it was a shame to hear David Cameron scoring cheap political points on Radio Five on the way home from work on this issue.

According to David Cameron, the restrictions on moving animals were lifted too early and he also implied that it was Gordon Brown's personal fault. Now I know they are desperate in the Tory party to find something to label Gordon Brown with, but making him "personally liable" is just petty party political crap.

The question I would like to ask Mr Cameron is if he was so sure that lifting the movement restrictions on animals in Surrey was so wrong, why did he not say so last week ?

I have always been told that any idiot can be wise after the event, and like Iraq, which Cameron pretends to oppose now, Cameron proves that he is an idiot.

Update : I note that a senior member of the NFU said earlier today that those attempting to make political capital out of this are doing nobody any favours and that the government had done everything correctly.

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