Attempts to block TUC vote on EU referendum fail

Well done to those more militant unions so often criticised for their obstinacy for digging their heels in over having a vote at the TUC conference on whether Britain should have a referendum on the EU constitution.

It's a funny thing but the left wing unions, so often criticised by the Tories are singing from the same song sheet as the Tories and Lib Dem like myself who support a referendum.


Anonymous said...

Is Norfolk completely flat?

Anonymous said...

Be prepared. Exercise already now and vote about Europe at www.FreeEurope.info.

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Anonymous said...

It's good fun watching the unions get stuck into Brown, but don't you think the EU issue will be brushed aside by the unions demanding bigger pay rises? They're probably just trying to make Brown feel as uncomfortable as possible by disagreeing with him on the EU referendum.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Absolutely not. North Norfolk is quite hilly in places and Norwich is on all sorts of hills. (Ketts, Hill, Constitution Hill, Gas Hill, Elm Hill, etc) .