Is Nigella Lawson the smuggest woman in Britain ?

I watched "Nigella Express" tonight on BBC2. I won't watch it again.

Her self congratulatory style, praising herself for every little she has, grinning after announcing every ingredient and her use of bizarre ingredients from her pantry that I have never even heard of, despite the fact that she thinks we all use them, was just too much.

For one recipe she told us to use some Moroccan paste, which I had never heard of, she didn't tell us what this paste was similar too or what alternatives we could use if we do not happen to have a Moroccan delicatessen around the corner.

Smug, London centric and far too pleased with herself. That's my "express" review of Nigella.


Anonymous said...

Only caught the arse end of the proggy, so I've no idea what she meant, but I would usually take Moroccan paste to mean Harissa, which is actually Tunisian, IIRC.

If you like hot stuff, it's grand for all sorts of dishes, or added to things as a hot sauce.

You can make it yourself ~ can't remember where I got this one from (it's from my recipe database, but would have come from the internet originally) , but it's the one I use;

500 g dry red chillies, stems and seeds removed
150 ml olive oil and a little to cover
2 ½ tbsp salt
(Makes about 500 g)

Place seedless chillies in a bowl. Add enough hot water to cover and leave to stand for about 30 minutes until soft. Do this in a well-ventilated kitchen, as the fumes can be noxious.

Drain the chillies and place with about 100 ml of the soaking water in a food processor and process into a paste. Stir in the oil and salt and pack into dry, sterile jars. Cover the paste with a thin layer of oil, then seal and refrigerate. The harissa is ready to use immediately.

Don't let your dislike of Nigella put you off trying this!

Anonymous said...

OTOH, at least she doesn't support Norwich City.

Anonymous said...

Great knockers ...but I didn't notice that she was a TV chef. I'll have to pay more attention next time.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, I'd have thought she meant harissa too. I can't comment on this particular programme, not having seen it, but I'll say one thing for Nigella - her recipes work!

Anonymous said...

Pretty smug and dismissive review.
Nope, she didn't give us an alternative ingredient, but surely that's what a recipe consists of, specific ingredients! Has it occurred to you that she simply enjoys cooking, that night be why she's happy not self-congratulatory. What a pity she does indeed have nice knockers and doesn't swear like an Irish navvy or rabbit on about football.
The song 'Why can't a woman be more like a man?' springs regretfully to mind.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Far from it anonymous (why are the anonymous ones the ones who always make accusations from the position of anonymity ? - Ed). My favourite TV chef by a long long way is Delia Smith. She is detailed and precise but she always gives alternative ingredients.

The whole ide of "Nigella Express" is supposedly quick meals from things you might just have in your cupboards or spice rack. An obscure paste from a North African deli is not on the radar of anyone living outside of London.

AWestCorkCook said...

Must confess I am usually a big Nigella fan. However I watched 'Express' and found her very smarmy. She used to be very natural but not any more. Check out Rachel Allen (from here in Ireland) for a more down to earth alternative!

matt walton said...

I must say, I agree with some of the points. I'm a huge Nigella fan, but there's something about Express which I don't like as much. I think it's the fake stuff for a start, we know it's not her kitchen. She's also said many times before that she hates supermarkets, yet they film her in Waitrose. She also doesn't seem as natural as she used to. I blame the BBC a bit I think (everything they do is fake these days!).

However, harissa is widely available is supermarkets. I live in Hull, which must have the least sophisticated taste in food in the country and I've had no issues getting it!