How do you sell Hob Nobs to the healthy ?

I just bought some chocolate Hob Nobs in order to have something unhealthy and satisfying as a snack. But McVities would have me believe its a healthy snack. Whatever next. Beer advertised as 'made from hops'


Joe Otten said...

You can get 'low fat' peanut butter, that appears to be regular peanut butter bulked up with sugar.

Anonymous said...

wheat = vegetable = 1 x 5 a day portion.

chocolate = cocoa bean = 1 x 5 a day portion.

Thus = 2 x 5 a day portion per biscuit.

Thus = whole packet = 1 week supply of veg portions.

Anonymous said...

I have also read recently that rusks, for babies have five time more sugar in than a digestive bisuit.

Adam said...

The main rule to remember is that if its "low" in something thats only because something else is now high.

Not like that makes any sense anyway