Norman Collier to deliver next Tory relaunch

Oh dear, it just goes from bad to worse for the Tories doesn't it.

Perhaps given the problems with the microphones it might be better to get Norman Collier to do the next relaunch ? Collier's faulty microphone act has a bit more style.

Denied the headline news story on the day of their big relaunch by stories about Iraq and Ming Campbell, then when they do their press conference to announce their new crime proposals, the problem with their sound system meant that Sky News went to a press conference involving disgraced footballer Lee Hughes at Oldham rather than David Cameron in London.

Such a shame.

It was odd to hear Adam Boulton effectively having to do the Tory press conference for them by talking up the Tory proposals and paying homage to David Cameron in a way quite unbecoming of Adam Boulton, it was as if he felt so sorry for them he had to talk up David Cameron in such a way as to be almost fawning.

The point that stood out for me was Adam Boulton claiming that David Cameron had Home Office experience from his time as an advisor to Michael Howard in the last Tory government. Presumably this was when Michael Howard was found to have broken the law three times as Home Secretary ? Perhaps. Cameron would want us to overlook that. It's just odd though with "Dave" that we are asked to ignore his time as Norman Lamont's advisor when we had 15% interest rates and billions of pounds of tax payers money was wasted trying to prop up the pound in the wake of the ERM crisis, we are then asked to ignore the calamitous time Michael Howard had as home Office Minister when "Dave" was his advisor there, but we are asked to take note of his experience from his role as an advisor. Presumably the sort of advisor the Tories are always moaning about Labour minster's having ?

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Adam said...

Good to see another kick in the wotsits for the Tories. I am very intrigued that "Dave" was once the advisor to dear old Norm Lamont. Ahhh he does have a sordid past.