How to disarm a Friends of the Earth activist trying get you to sign a direct debit in the street

Walking through Norwich this afternoon, pushing my son's pram, I thought I might be seen as a more unlikely target for the brigade of Direct Debit hustlers near the market who try to persuade you to fill in direct debit forms for various causes. I was wrong, but I had an answer.

The Friends of the Earth girl said to me very politely

"If I was to say to you that there is something you can to personally that will help save the planet, what would your answer be ?"

My reply, "I would say yes, I know there is, because I am an active member of a political party that has pledged a carbon neutral future for the country by 2050"

"Which party is that", she asked.

"The Liberal Democrats", I replied, and I then told her about our new policies as well as the Green Tax switch.

Her response was simply "Well you're doing your bit, that's really good to hear the Lib Dems are doing this"

No Direct Debit form was produced, no more asking of questions, and I almost felt a pat on the back. So there you have it, if a environmental campaigner asks you for money, tell them you are a Lib Dem. It works for me.


David Anthony said...

I often say I'm a Lib Dem to anyone I am tired of. Instant conversation killer. ;)

Duncan Borrowman said...

What do you mean "No Direct Debit form was produced"? You did all that hard sell and didn't sign her up!
Shame on you:-)

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

When the JV's knock on my door I tell them two things:

1. If it's on a Saturday, I tell them that I'm Jewish and that I don't appreciate being disturbed on Sabbath days.

2. For other days, I tell them that I will go to their Kingdom Hall if they come along to a Conservative meeting.

Strangely, they make their excuses and move on!

Chris K said...

It wasn't an FoE activist, it was someone from a 'face-to-face marketing' agency.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Well they were wearing a FoE Fluorescent vest.

David Allen said...

Tell tham I'm a LibDem? I couldn't do this without blushing... Like Duncan, I had thought the punchline would be (should be) that you signed HER up _ you must be losing your touch, Nich!

Ordovicius said...

So there you have it, if a environmental campaigner asks you for money, tell them you are a Lib Dem. It works for me.

I find not stopping to talk to them in the first place works as well

Norfolk Blogger said...

The problem was that pusing a pram on cabbles was slowing me down somewhat.