Back to the future - With Cameron or is it Hague ?

A Conservative leader blaming rap music and video games for violence on the streets, baning on about Europe and blaming immigration for all the ills of the country ? No, it's not 2001 and William Hague, or 2005 and Michael Howard, it's David Cameron's "new" Tories, except they sound like the old ones.

Apart from the logo, what has changed ?


Anonymous said...

And I prefered even their old logo to the current one.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...


David Allen said...

A very drole post, Nich _ but aren't they/ weren't they all absolutely right? Don't some kinds of rap music and video games contribute to the normalisation (and glamourisation?) of violence amongst young people? And, if so, they are part of the problem and should be condemned.

Nick said...

What has changed is the agenda is now far broader. It would be absurd to suggest the party should not have any policy or comment on major issues whatever they may be.

I see no evidence to back up your statement that Cameron blamed "immigration for all the ills".