Wanted - An original idea at ITV

Any of these TV show ideas sound familiar ?

(1) Personalities trace their roots and family tree to find out more about their past and where they come from.
(2) Crimes are reconstructed and people phone in to suggest who might have committed the crime.
(3) People pitch ideas to a group of entrepreneurs in a hope of being awarded cash to fund projects and business ideas.
(4) Celebrities learn a new dance routine each week, are judged by experts and voted off by a telephone vote
(5) Open auditions are held to cast for the leading role in a new version of an old musical

Sound familiar ? They should as these are the series descriptions of BBC shows
(1) Who do you think you are
(2) Crimewatch UK
(3) Dragon's Den.
(4) Strictly Come Dancing
(5) How do you solve a problem like Maria ?

However, if you are an ITV executive, you call them
(1) You don't know you're born
(2) Reward
(3) Fortune - The Million Pound Giveaway
(4) Dancing on Ice
(5) Grease is the word (New Simon Cowell produced show)

The fact is that all these ITV shows (well the first four, we'll have to wait to judge Simon Cowell's new show) are sad and rather pale imitations of the BBC shows. If anyone needs a justification for the the license fee, just compare the difference between the production values of the BBC show compared to ITV. However, that is not the main point. The point is, why can't ITV produce an original show ?

Virtually all ITV's "new" shows are direct copies of the BBC. You have to ask, what are ITV up to. No wonder they are struggling to get viewers. Michael Grade really does have his work cut out.


The Dowager Marchioness of Wilburton Minor said...

Well spotted, I didn't know there were so many copy cats. I particularly hate the one with Jeffrey Archer but I haven't watched it because I want to subdue the inner beast within me. You are on a roll with this blogging business at the moment, Nich. Can we have another "No shit Sherlock, Number 1897"...I love those

Robert Jackman said...

None of those shows are as bad as ITV Play, their round the clock coconut shy...

I've just blogged on Jade/Big Brother.

Let me know your thoughts :)


Duncan Borrowman said...

I agree with 99.9% of that, and am appalled at how low ITV has sunk.

EXCEPT Crimewatch. ATV were there first with Police 5 in 1962 which ran for 30 years.

james higham said...

...why can't ITV produce an original show ?...

You answered your own question by pointing out its commercialization.