Conservative Councils Close Your Leisure Facilities

It is interesting to not that when a Tory Council keeps tax down, there is a song and dance about it on Tory blogs. Of course, those of us who live in area where we have to endure Conservative Councils know that the Tories talk about cutting taxes, but rarely, if ever deliver. Norfolk County Council, for example, which they took control of in 2001, has seen record council tax rises since they took control, which seems odd since their only manifesto pledge when they took control was that they would keep council tax rises lower than those imposed by the previous Labour/Lib Dem joint administration. The Tories lied. They didn't do what the promised.

So it is sad to reflect on one thing you can rely on from the Tories. Closure of leisure facilities.
In Broadland (where I live), the Tories have sold the main leisure facility they owned (The Sports Village) to a private health club, whilst withdrawing support for local swimming pools. Now we read in Wandsworth that cuts in funding for a theatre are likely to lead to the closure of the theatre.

People should be aware that when the Tories talk of cutting taxes, they rarely mean more efficient services. Allowances and/or entertainment budgets will nearly always rise. Allowances have gone up in Breckland whilst entertainment budgets rocketed at Norfolk County Council ( both Tory run), whilst Tories in Broadland voted against the views of an independent group who the council themselves had appointed to set councillors allowances. The Tories in Broadland added £1000 to the recommended councillors allowance.

It is worth noting that since I started as a Lib Dem councillor in North Norfolk we have voted once on the issue of allowances once, with the Lib Dem council cutting the basic allowance by 2%. Tories on the council voted against this proposal.

What the Tories deliver every time they get their hands on a council is increased benefits for them, but cuts in services for council tax payers. You've been warned.


james higham said...

Well, who would be in a position to gainsay you on this, NB?

Anonymous said...

If you have problems with your own Broadland District Council, why are you a councillor in North Norfolk?
Represent your own area and not interfere with others, you may then pass policies that suit you.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The bravery of an anonymous poster hey.

For anonymous' benefit, I recently moved from North Norfolk to Broadland. I lived in Fakenham, North Norfolk, although this area is now now part of the Broadland constituency.

Also, who is to say that I do not live in a area of Broadland already represented by Lib Dem councillors ?

How brave you must be, anonymous Conservtive poster, and how stupid you look now !

Antony said...

This is a very interesting post. I wonder if anybody could name any authorities where the LibDems have put up allowances for Councillors?

Or if anyone could name an authority where the LibDems put up allowances and the Tories voted against. I wonder if I could think of one...

Cheers for a laugh, Nich!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Antony, I need take no lessons in political fairness from someone who does not link to people from other political parties.

You are not obliged to view my blog if you don't like my postings.

Rob said...

Perhaps Anthony Nick is speaking from personal experience "locally" in Norfolk.

It seems that you have not argument the contradicts what Nick says from a Norfolk angle.

Norfolk Blogger said...


I do try to post from a Norfolk angle, but mentioned the Wandsworth thing because the Tories always go on about Wandsworth and Westmister as flagship councils.

Oh, and it is Nich with an "h", but most people get it wrong.

Antony said...

LOL. Clearly haven't been on my blog for a while Nich (or chose not to say) ... my blogroll lists the sites I read daily. Go, have a look, and realise what a pratt you just made of yourself.

And the point of the comments is that I should be able to challenge what you have said. I wouldn't want anybody to stumble across it and actually believe what you say.

I indeed can name at least ONE council - in NORFOLK - where the LibDems always argue and vote in favour of allowance rises and the Conservatives always argue, vote and bring it up at senior level meetings against the rise.

Hmmm, I wonder where that can be?


Norfolk Blogger said...

I would aimagine I have not looked at your blog for six months. I can certainly verify that I do not read it. I like blogs that don't say "look at me", "Look how important I am", "Look how well I am doing", "Look how powerful we are", which is what you blog consisted of.

When I last looked at your blog(and that probably gives you a clue as to when I last read it) you had only Tory links. If you do have non Tory links now, then I apologise for inferring otherwise.

Also, if your blog has changed from this format of self congratulation, that perhaps I will have to have a look.

Oh, you didn't have to send multiple versions of your reply to me.

Rob said...

I notice Anthony cannot refute the comments Nich (with an h) made about Norfolk Tories.

Antony said...

Thank you for that apology Nich, please check in future!

As for the substantive point, I believe strongly that councillors allowances should be the last part of any budget to be increased. Councillors should show civic leadership and constraint - we (collectivly as cllrs) cannot raise tax, make cuts and shut services whilst paying ourselves more for the privilege. If Tory Councils in Norfolk or elsewhere are doing this then it is wrong. In fact it is wrong no matter what party does it. Nich should be more even handed in this - we can all find examples of all parties doing similar things it doesn't raise the game of local govt to do so.

Antony said...

p.s. Rob - Nich and I are amongst the few people in this world capable of criticising our own side. I don't defend the Tory Party in its entirity in the same way Nich doesn't for the LibDems. Check out my record (including voting record) to see that I am rather more independent minded than some would want me to be.