Another Conservative Peer defects to UKIP

Another Conservative Peer, and a former Tory parliamentary candidate has defected to UKIP. The BBC reports on it HERE.

There must come a point when they will all have to form an orderly queue, such is clamour amongst once strongly Conservative peers to join the ranks of UKIP.

Lord Dartmouth said that he was "very disappointed" with David Cameron's leadership.
"He has become a slave to political correctness,"

"His chosen themes are things like hug a hoodie and green taxes - all of which are of very little concern to people outside the Notting Hill Gate and Westminster villages."

Earlier this month Conservative peers Lord Pearson and Lord Willoughby de Broke announced they were switching to UKIP.

No doubt another defection to be largely ignored and written off by Tory bloggers. Let me guess, a "non event", "never heard of him", and "five minutes of fame" are phrases that the Tories will use to dismiss this latest defection, but coming on top of two Tory councillors leaving the party this week and a rash of defections, we are seeing the end of Dave's honeymoon period really starting.


Rob said...

Why are Tories commenting on your other posts Nich but not in this one ?

Justin said...

The Good Lord is not a voting-member of the HoL, so Conservatives still at the same strenghth. No loss, really.

Norfolk Blogger said...

In the same way as the 3 PPC's who left the Lib Dems before Christmas were not elected to any authority so were no loss to us. Didn't stop Tories crowing about it though.