Nice people ?

Hat tip to Liberal Democrat Voice for finding this on the BBC website. Clearly abuse is the first thing that jumps to mind when a Tory councillor starts arguing a point. Even today one Tory Councillor has sent a message to this blog calling me a "pratt" (I am sure it has one 't', but the Tories know more about abuse that I do).

There are some nice people in Dave's party, but some are just downright awful.


Justin said...

Well, you get a tiny minority of people like that in all parties and organisations. Let's not forget the way Lib Dem MPs treated Charles Kennedy; the guy needed help and support, not knifing in the back.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, your comments about Charles Kennedy are sadly and badly wrong.

If you knew the full story, which has not been publiched, you'd feel silly. Remember, a friend of mine was Charles Kennedy's PPS at the time and was one of those people you accuse of knifing him in the back. Again, I have to stress, if you knew the "full" story, which I have been told in confidence, you'd realise what a silly thing you'd just said.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I did say also Justin that there were some nice people in the Tory party.

Iain Dale said...

Nich, please do not pretend that there aren;t some ver nasty people in the LibDems. A quick look through the comments on LibDem Voice proves the point. Each party has its nasty people and nice people. Let's just agree on that, shall we, rather than writing silly little posts like this.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, you yourself are not averse to some occasional party political silliness.

By the way, I'd describe you as one of the "nice" ones in the Tories.

Anonymous said...

Is name-calling on a public site 'nice' or 'nasty'?

At least you were called a 'pratt' by a political opponent. one LibDem was called an 'arse' by someone who publicly stated he had only met him once, and someone who is supposedly a colleague.

I'm sure there'll be a rational defence for this behaviour. I look forward to reading why some people can't name-call and some people can rationalise it.