I feel cheated and misled - Was "The A Team" a con ?

When I was a child, my favourite TV program was "The A Team". In "The A Team", every other week they would find themselves locked in a compound or shed or warehouse or building of some sort and create some sort of improvised machine from the bits of equipment they had to hand.

Now using this machine, they would make good their escape in a show of wood splinters, screaming tyres and a trail of smoke, then evade capture and complete their mission.

So why do I feel cheated ?

For over two week now Dirk Benedict, the actor who played Templeton "Face" Peck in "The A Team" has been locked inside the Celebrity Big Brother House. At no point has he made any form of improvised machine from the food mixer or barbecue, he has not cut up the table to create a chassis and the wheels remain firmly attached to all the furniture.

Come on Dirk, you are spoiling all my illusions and ruining my childhood memories. Perhaps the best chance now is for Mr T and Dwight Schultz (B.A. or "Bad Attitude" Baracas and 'Howling Mad' Murdoch) to join the house, then together I am sure they could come up with a plan or perhaps it shows that George Peppard (Hannibal) was the real brains !


Isabella Snow said...

Used to watch the A-team. George Peppard was hot. Hopefully that's not why you were watching it.

Norfolk Blogger said...

No, I liked the explosions.