Tory troubles - Cameron forced to defend Goldie

David Cameron has been forced to step in to the row over Annabel Goldie, Leader of the Conservatives in Scotland. Read about it HERE.

Goldie has been under pressure since she was criticised by a Tory candidate.There has also been much discussion in the media in Scotland concerning the Conservatives failure to lift themselves in the polls with David Cameron perceived as not appealing to Scots, whilst Goldie has been largely invisible and not seen to been vigorous enough.

The Conservatives have, North of the border, claimed that the comments were taken "completely out of context" and "There was no direct or indirect slight on the leader"

You have to ask, in those circumstances, why Dave had to endorse Annabel Goldie so strongly today. If there is no criticism of her, why did she need to be defended so strongly ?

Liberal Democrat Voice has some interesting discussion about the criticism of Goldie HERE.

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