Gutless, toothless and impotent - The Electoral Commission is useless !

The committee on Standards in Public Life are calling for a wide ranging reform of the Electoral Commission.

The committee highlighted the fact that fraud is on the increase but the Electoral Commission have allowed the rules on postal voting to be relaxed actually leading to an increase in fraud. Similarly the Electoral Commission have failed to introduce other other security measures to ensure voter registration is fair. Indeed recent cases, not mention by the news media, but highlight by Lib Dem also reflect poorly on the Electoral Commission. The case of thousands of missing voters in certain wards across the country, not commented on by the electoral commission and the fact that the Electoral Commission allowed the Lib Dems to take a £2.4 million donation, then said after the money was spent that they were not sure, then said it was okay, and are now saying they will have to see.

The Electoral Commission is almost a complete waste of space and taxpayers money. Public mistrust of politicians has never been higher yet in many cases it is the decisions of the Electoral Commission that have led to this view.

The Independent has a report on this issue today.

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