Turning off The Italian Job off with five minutes to go

I've just watched the Italian Job on one of the movie channels this evening. Can I stress now, I watched the original version, not the dreadful and quite awful American remake.

Can I say quite clearly. I love the film. I saw it when I was about eight and and was entranced and would rate it as one of my top ten films still.

However, as I watch the film, every time, enthralled and smiling throughout it, I am aware of my impending gloom at the end with the famous cliffhanger. It reminds me of when I go on holiday, I'm delighted to be there, but know it will soon end and I'll be disappointed. So I have an answer.

For the last three times I have seen the film, I simply turn over or turn off with five minutes to go. So as far as I am concerned, Michael Caine does get away with the three million pounds of gold and Noel Coward (Mr Bridger) can celebrate in style. Now if only I could get the referee to ignore the last few minutes of football matches where my team concedes a late goal, my world would be complete.


Paul Walter said...

A good solution. But they do leave it so it could be go either way and it is worth hanging on for the excellent theme song "This is the self preservation society" which is optimistic and up-lifting. Incidentally, they did all that end bit in one take, and if it hadn't worked, they wouldn't have had another chance, apparently.

Fred Emney is my favourite in the film!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh, I listen to the music, I literally just avoid the bus crashing.

I gather they also didn't have an ending for the film when they started filming it. Also, the sewers bit is filmed in Coventry !