Are all footballers money grabbing prima donnas ?

If someone described all gay people or all Jews or all bald people as lazy, greedy, prima donnas, indeed levelled any sort of insult on a blanket basis, most people would be up in arms over it. So I often find it odd that so people hurl the insult at footballers without a hesitation.

Reading THIS story about reading footballer Ulises De La Cruz should show just how some footballers take great care of the money they earn and use it for good causes. In this case, De La Cruz is using his wealth to make a real difference to the lives of people in one of the poorest countries in the world, and he is to be greatly admired for it.

There are other examples of footballers not being selfish, really making a difference and setting a fine example, but that isn't newsworthy and does not pander to the general public's assertion that all footballers are scum. Yes, like evry other field of life, some people really are the pits, and so are some footballers, but not all of them.
Well done to Ulises and the BBC in this case for highlighting a really positive story.

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