Jo O'Meara - A career in tatters ?

A year ago Jo O'Meara, ex singer with S Club 7, had just finished appearing on the BBC series "Just the Two of Us", had successfully relaunched herself as a singer and was building her career back up.

One year on, what a change.

Her grinning and laughing on last night's eviction program on Big Brother whilst she was confronted with the clips of her being involved in bullying Shilpa Shetty made her seem so shallow and cold. I know she explained that she laughed as a nervous reaction when she didn't know what to do, but that actually was really not an excuse. Laughing when someone is being bullied is rude and offensive in any situation, whilst her denial that she did certain things she had actually said on film just showed her up even more.

It is amazing what can happen to a career in 12 months and just how many careers this series of Celebrity Big Brother have ruined. That said, is it the fault of the show ? My guess is that good people will invariably come over as good people on TV. I think Cleo Rokos has shown that.

I wouldn't imagine that Jo O'Meara will be appearing on TV much more in future, unless it is to make "Pat Butcher - The Early Years"


Tabman said...

"Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky?
He got an ice pick
That made his ears burn
Whatever happened to dear old Lenny?
The great Elmyra, and Sancho Panza?
Whatever happened to the heroes?
Whatever happened to the heroes? "

I always used to mishear "The great Elmyra" (who s/he???) as "The great O'Meara".

shaun said...

I agree,Jo O'meara needs some psychiatric help. At the age of 27 she should have behaved in a more responsible way!(nutter).However these girls aren't exactly southern California Nazi low riders,so there's no national threat to our political security.
On the subject of people slagging Norfolk,radio 1 news reader 'Dominic Burns' sometimes dis-es the place on the Chris Moyles breakfast show....Good blog by the way.