Echoes of Vietnam

If you don't remember the Vietnam War (I only remember the evacuation of Saigon), you may well remember seeing the scene of the mass protest against the Vietnam War in Washington in the film Forrest Gump.

So it is ominous for the Americans that THIS is happening.


Nigel Ashton. said...

"I only remember the evacuation of Hanoi"

Your memory is faulty. Hanoi was the North Vietnamese capital. The Americans evacuated from Saigon.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Of course Nigel, and now ammended. Thanks.

Duncan Borrowman said...

I agree. But we must remember is that Vietnam is still a sore in US consciousness. Those in the US arguing against Iraq, especially Democrats, must never attack the US troops serving in Iraq. At the time of Vietnam the attacks on serving forces did Democrats great damage, they should never do this again. Condemn the war, and the politics behind it, but support the troops. They have an impossible job, forced on them by Bush, and he should be answering for the questions of why they went to war with Iraq. The "War on terror" is about Al Qaeda - and 9/11 was used as an excuse for war with Iraq, it had nothing to do with Iraq. If the real reason for war was to counter the terrorist threat they should have stepped up operations (and not with a massive ground force) in Afghanistan.
The US politics of the war will (and should) get more crucial as the presidential campaign hots up.