How can this story get so much coverage when other things are not being reported ?

Quite why THIS STORY has got so much coverage on the TV and radio today is a mystery to me given what is not being reported.

I am as big a football fan as you will find, but this sort of rubbish denigrates real news.

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James Gray said...

It's pretty clear to me why it's not being reported.

Firstly: Sky news won't touch it for obvious (Murdoch) reasons. The BBC won't touch it because they are being bullied by the Tories with the harsh stick of cuts their main weapon. ITV just seem to follow the others.

Secondly: Most of the other tabloid press won't touch it because the chances are they all had hacks on their payroll doing exactly the same thing - alledgedly.

Thirdly: The Tory bloggers don't want to touch it because it is actually really very serious. They all got uppity and holier than thou about McBride and Mandelson and others (and perhaps it can be argued with some reason), but for one of their own to have actually broken the law and done something far worse (alledgedly) will mean that not only have the Tories done more u-turn and told more lies than the so called Nu-Lie-Bour (very clever, eh?) within it's first one hundred days or so than they managed in their entire first term, they will also have more sleaze on their hands as well.

Finally, what does it say about Cameron's judgement, and his mantra of believing in second chances? He has will have shown to have shown quite pitiful judgement despite repeated warnings... if true. Not good for the great leader.