A worrying development

According to the vote-match website, if I were a Labour voter, they think I should vote for Diane Abbott. I guess it shows just how poor some of these online questionnaires are as I would rather eat my own trousers than vote for Diana Abbott.


Jane said...

I also get the Diane Abbott result (70%), but unlike you that does not surprise me. Abbott's views on civil liberties, academy schools, immigration and a number of other issues are much closer to the Liberal Democrat position than the other candidates. In fact, IF I was a member of the Labour Party, I'd probably vote for her. But that is a very big IF.

Paul Garrard said...

I haven't bothered with vote-match nonsense. I am a Labour party member and I have voted for Dianne Abbott as my first choice as in my opinion she is the candidate would offer the best direction for the party. What is the "Liberal Democrat position" these days? Are you sure you wouldn't rather be in the Labour Party?

JohnM said...

just wondered what the Labour party believed in? Has it got an "ism" to speak of?