Cameron's judgement and Coulson

If the broadcast media start reporting what is being reported worldwide, that there are serious questions to be answered by Cameron's top political aide, former News of the World Editor Andy Coulson, it would place David Cameron in something of a predicament.

As can be seen from the depth this story is being written about in the USA, this is no story without substance, yet the BBC, ITV and Sky seem scared to touch it. This does beg the question as to why this is being ignored by our broadcast media. The BBC may be rather scared of the response they might get from Downing Street whilst we know why Sky News won't report on this story with it being very difficult for News International to report on a scandal involving News International.

If this story does get "legs", and there is any truth in the widely reported allegations against Mr Coulson (which he denies), that he knew of the attempts to hack in to the Royal Family's phones, then it will say a lot about the judgement of David Cameron.

We await the result of any court case that might happen in the future.

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Richard T said...

It's perfect really if the story takes wings - the Murdoch empire, corruption and connivance in the Met and the Tory slipperyness on their advisers.