I don't do talking up the coalition stories, but if I did ...

I would say well done to Michael Gove for axing the General Teaching Council. The GTC was set up with no support from teachers, no campaign asking for its creation, no support fro the unions, and with no clear purpose.

The GTC is supposed to fight for teachers interests, but is no more than a chocolate fireguard. It has achieved not one thing of any note for the teaching profession and its passing will not see any mourning or sorrow from teachers.

Good riddance GTC.


Neil said...

You forgot to say that teachers were then forced to pay for it...albeit getting the money back.. i am sure that cost lots to administer

Anonymous said...

What proession does not seek regulation ?????

Doctors, nurses, midwives,

but not

Teachers ???

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh dear Mr Anonymous, you don't really understand the teaching profession do you.

The difference between all those professions and teaching is clear. Teaching is one of the most highly regulated professions out already. Teachers are monitored, assessed and regulated against a set of professional standards by their own schools and governors. Put against the fact that an organisation like Ofsted exists, you can see how different this is from other profession.

Oh, and all three of your examples are actually branches of the same profession.

Now come back when you can spell your own name.