Words you won't hear a councillor say very often

"Oh good, my copy of Local Government First has arrived !"

For those who have never been a councillor, you might be totally unaware of this publication, but Local Government First is a weekly magazine that you get sent from the Local Government Associated which, to be honest, is ignored by the vast majority of councillors I know, in many cases they are thrown in to the nearest bin, totally unread, and if we are talking about cutting out waste, they could easily be emailed to councillors rather than be printed and posted every week.

Mine arrived this morning. 30 seconds later the plastic it was in was in one bin, the magazine (staples removed) was in my recycling. What a waste of time and money.


Anonymous said...

Howabout something on Mr Laws and the, er, new politics?

£40,000 to rent from your partner who isn't your 'spouse' yet you feel the need to keep the, er, 'relationship' quiet?

'Normal' people defrauding the taxpayer or benefits system would be treated very differently. In a being prosecuted kind of way.

Norfolk Blogger said...

If you are looking for a blog that will defend the coalition government, you clearly have not been keeping up with events here have you.

Go to Lib Dem Voice or any other number of Lib Dems who believe in the coalition. I am on public record as being anti coalition so you really are being very dim posting such comments (anonymously of course) here.

Manfarang said...

I hope you don't put your copy
of Total Politics straight in your recycling.

Anonymous said...


I thought as someone not in favour of the coalition, you might like to discuss Mr Laws' stealing from the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Anonytroll: Laws hasn't been "stealing from the taxpayer", if he had been willing to be open about the relationship there are several ways he could have claimed more money than he did quite legitimately. The issue is not his entitlement to claim for a place to live in London (like every non-London MP), but the fact that he wanted to live with his boyfriend without making the nature of that relationship clear to all and sundry. I think, in his situation, that this is understandable. His possible breach of the rules is rather different from the MPs who we heard so much about last year whose dishonesty was motivated solely by extracting more cash from the taxpayer.

alistair said...

You taught me two things today; There are other people who feel the same way about "Local Government First" I never read it and secondly I should remember to take the staples out.
I hope they stop it.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of points:

First does not have any staples (which makes it even quicker to recycle).

As per p15 of this weeks edition if you send them an email they will stop your paper copy.

Anonymous said...

Nich, what is your take on the David Laws debacle? Most visitors to your blog would expect you to have an opinion? I'm interested in your opinion on this.

Would the tories have known about this 3 weeks ago? They would be happy to have Lib Dems in the cabinet who are easily moved out with this type of story.

Who's next?

Anonymous said...

so now we have a scot making cuts which will not affect his constituency

and as for Gove no OFSTED checks for Acadamies

how many children will suffer until he learns