How dim do people think we English are ?

I have no problem with people displaying England flag from every part of their car, every corner of their house or any orific of their wish. Howver, I am totally perplexed by all the flags of St george flying this year which ahve, in large letters across them "ENGLAND". How dim do Tesco and the other sellers of these flags think we are ?

Surely our flog is pretty recognisable ? It's not the world's most complicated flag, and unless you are from Georgia, it is unlikely to be mixed up with any other nation's flag, so why do we along need to ahve ENGLAND written across the flag in case we forget ?

Do these same sellers have their spouse's name written across their wedding photos lest they forget ?


jailhouselawyer said...

It's to let them pesky foreigners know who they are dealing with :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe so it's not confused with the Red Cross, in case of an emergency.

"Quick CPR, help, help"

"Don't noes CPR, I'm a Ingland fan in'it"


Paul said...

I've been thinking exactly the same thing.