What is it with Norfolk political candidates ?

After Manish Sood, the Labour candidate described his own party leader (Gordon Brown) as the "worst Prime Minister in history", and another Norfolk based candidate who was standing in Cambridgeshire South East was stripped of his official candidacy because of lewd details being published about his private life, you'd imagine that  we might have had our fill of candidates putting their foot in in in Norfolk. But it appears not.

This morning local news media are reporting that the UKIP candidate for Norwich North, Glenn Tingle, has issued an apology for writing that we should blow up Iran and for denigrating people in Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least he had the decency to apologise...

Anonymous said...

Good God - what! no Tory to attack this morning Nich, must be a lean day at the office

Anonymous said...

he can't have been lewder than Mark Oaten surely?

Is Opik still knocking off a Cheeky Girl?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Lewd and offensive behaviour are two quite differnt things, but not attractive in either case.

This is very different from Oaten (who I was never a fan of) whose behviour was very poor.

As for Opik, I think having a girlfriend is not yet a criminal offence is it ?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Dont worry we have a sound candidate in George.