Have you seen a Land Rover with Lib Dem and Tory Poster Boards in it ?

Both Lib Dem and Tory poster boards are going missing in the Broadland constituency and they seem to be linked to a Land Rover which has been seen in the vicinity of the poster boards on a number of occasions from various sources, particularly in the East of the Broadland constituency.

We know from the Tories that they are having similar problems, and it appears that somone is trying to cause a turf war between the Tories and Lib Dems, I have to say, with no success. The Tories know it is not us and we know it is not them.

We have a very good idea who it is who is responsible, but if you see anyone removing our poster boards make a note of their registration number and let us know.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Tory boards are mising in Mid Norfolk as well. I have not seen any Lib/Dem boards to go missing.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, have heard that too and I gather Henry Bellingham has had a number go missing too.

It appears to be organised and targeting Lib Dem and Tory areas. I gather Lib Dem boards are also missing in the Fakenham area.

One witness saw a large 4x4 beating a hasty retreat when he saw them trying to remove his sign whilst someone else saw a large Land Rover or Range Rover and told us a lot about it. I can assure you that it definitely did not have Tory posters on the Range Rover/Land Rover, and from what he saw, we can 99.9999% be sure it was not the Tories doing it.

As I said, we know who is doing it, but cannot gather the proof to take this further YET !

If you are involved with the Tories, get them to look out for who is doing this. My guess it's the same people.

Michael Heaver said...

We heard of a Land Rover doing this during the Norwich North by-election, except it was taking down UKIP boards. That time the car owner was stupid enough to have Tory boards up in their car, but we never managed to find out who it was despite alerting the authorities.

Simon Wilson said...

I saw a dodgy looking landrover and trailer with appear UKIP poster board on the back of it in Guist yesterday evening.

Anonymous said...

Some idiot was putting up Tory boards near me and holding up traffic to do so, so I went back later and, er, expressed my opinion. I don't like seeing the signs in the countryside spoiling the view.

and I seriously think the police have more important things to do

Norfolk Blogger said...

That fails to explain the removal of Lib Dem boards.

Simon, I will not argue with your views as they paraphrase what I have heard.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Perhaps Norfolks Labour voter is doing it.

However I saw 2 labour boards on the way into Dereham market today

Magnus said...

I have to say that this is one part brilliant, one part very sad.

The brilliant part is that if it is an attempt to cause a 'turf war' - it conjures up images of Gangs of New York:

Keith 'The Butcher' Simpson v Dan 'Priest' Roper in the battle for the Five Points of Acle/Fakenham/Aylsham.

But it also highlights the utter childishness that some people have stooped to.

I was in Yarmouth on Monday when Broon turned up on the campaign trail. Seconds before his arrival, Conservatives flocked with their 'Vote for Change' posters - who were then berated by the Labour lot to 'go back to Brentwood'.

The Labour lot then took their posters and balloons and stood in front of the Tories - whilst a Tory truck with a big picture of Brandon Lewis drove on bar.

The British Democratic Process. You have to love it....