Make a real difference in Norwich South - A genuine two horse race between the Lib Dems and Labour

Some really intelligent people here speaking about politics in Norfolk and Norwich.

Being serious for one moment, it is clear that Norwich South has, despite the claims of the Tories and Greens, become a tight contest between Simon Wright and Gordon Brown's Labour Party.

The only way to get real change in Norwich South is to vote Lib Dem and support Simon Wright.

P.S. In the video I am not looking around in in a deliberately deranged way, instead I am lookig at the two people I was talking two when the video person asked me to speak. You can see this in the final shot, but yes, it does look a little shify. Not media trained !


None of the above said...

your eyes dart around like those of a man being nailed by Morse as the murderer.

Presuming you're not on amphetamines of course.

Can't remember what you said though. Funny, these 'image' and 'presentational' devices our politicians are using to get their message across. Seems to do the opposite and concentrates people's minds on the irrelevancies.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I was looking at the two people next to me, talking to them as opposed to the camera. Unfortunately, they only showed the wide shot at the end.

doctorhuw said...

Hardly "Gordon Brown's Labour party" though, is it? I mean, it's Charles Clarke, for goodness' sake! He's so divorced from Brown's leadership it's sometimes hard to believe they're in the same party.

That said, I really hope the Lib Dems win. I have neither forgotten nor forgiven his outburst against history lecturers. Go Simon Wright!