Vote Lib Dem for REAL change

David Cameron, would be a change from the present government like a blue table cloth is different from having a red table cloth, but he does not represent a real change from what goes before.

Cameron claimed to be the heir to Blair, whilst Brown was the heir to Blair. They both seek to be the new Tony Blair, and as most of the country knows, we actually don't want another Tony Blair.

If you want real change, where fairness is at the very bedrock of every policy. If you want a party that does not duck the issues and a party that has can really make a difference, then vote Lib Dem today.

Update: And can I wish particular good luck to all Lib Dems, but most of all to Norman Lamb in North Norfolk, Simon Wright in Norwich South and Dan Roper in Broadland.


Mike said...

£1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p 2p and 1p.

Now that IS real change.

Anonymous said...

Dim Libs will win nuffink.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Far to near to Labour for me.