My predictions

I might make myself look a fool here (why change the habit of a lifetime I hear you say), but these are my Norfolk election predictions.

1) Norman Lamb to win in North Norfolk with a greater share of the vote than he had in 2005.

Verdict ? Correct. Norman Lamb's share of the vote was up.

2) Keith Simpson (Con) to hold Broadland by 3000 votes

Verdict ? Correct winning candidate, but understated the majority.

3) Chloe Smith to hold Norwich North by 2500 votes

Verdict ? She held on by about 4000 votes.

4) Lib Dems to overtake Labour in North West Norfolk, but  a safe Tory hold.

Verdict ? Correct.

5) Lib Dem vote stays static in South Norfolk

Verdict - Lib Dem vote very slightly down by 1%.   Correct

6) Great Yarmouth - Recount

Verdict - Almost correct. Tory gain though. 

7) Norwich South Lib Dem gain by 500 votes. Labour second, Tories third, Greens fourth.

Verdict - Correct

8) Other seats all Tory holds

Verdict - Correct

Good night all !


Dan said...

i agree with all except number 6. Brandon will win fairly comfortably.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Norman Lamb can probably also walk on water. I assumed (ahem!) "other factors" were involved when he trounced Dale last outing. Now he's up by a further 3% swing!