Kings Lynn is near Ribble Valley, or so think the Tories

News reaches me from a Facebook contact that the Tories in Kings Lynn have been hand delivering a leaflet that should have been distributed in Ribble Valley.

The Tories are blaming a "young inexperienced campaigner".

How young do you have to be not to realise that the leaflet featured a different Tory MP from Henry Bellingham (the Tory who represents Kings Lynn) and the large words "Ribble Valley" instead of "North West Norfolk".


Johnny Norfolk said...

Its Bellingham not Ballingham by the way. It can be so easy to make a mistake so people in glass houses etc.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think the difference between the name "Nigel Evans" compared to "Henry Bellingham" is more than just a slip of an "a" for an "e".

Johnny Norfolk said...

Yes but it shows how easy it is to make a mistake ( now corrected).