How NOT to leave a good impression at a hustings meeting

News reaches me of an incident that did not leave a good impression as a hustings meeting was finishing last night.

At the very end, when the candidates were "meeting the public", when one member of the public commented about the age of the photos used on one candidate's leaflets, he was called  by the candidate "a pathetic little man".

Oh dear. Certainly not good practise for a candidate who under any circumstance should not allow himself to be rattled in public, and it perhaps speaks volumes about how this Tory candidate, who assumed he was set for any easy win, is finding the response on the door far less favourable than expected.

I won't name the poor individual. He's suffered enough misery for one day. And I'm off now for a day of delivering leaflets to make sure his fears of defeat become a reality.


Dale said...

Having read your blog for a time, I know who the candidate is... And it can only bode well for the LD candidate in Br... (can't say!)

Anonymous said...

Brentwood ?

Bradford West ?

jailhouselawyer said...

I note that Iain Dale was quick to jump on Gordon Brown in Bigotgate, but not a peep out of him when Tory Keith Simpson refers to a voter as "a pathetic little man"!

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Tory candidate who when challenged by hs Lib Dem opponent at a public meeting could only blurt out "if you had lived round here longer you'd know about these things"...

The Lib Dem candidate in question has lived locally all of hi slife!!

Alan said...

Like you I am surprised he didn't stick with his old constituency (which is mine). It will be a very easy Tory win here - we have had 3 Tory leaflets, and LibDem didn't bother with a freepost leaflet (even had Green, UKIP, Labour & BNP...).

I see from my postal ballot slip that the LD candidate lives in Woking (about 3 hours drive away). I have yet to hear of anyone who has actually seen him in the constituency.

Clearly this is not a serious seat for the LibDems, and so why did KS decide to move? Madness.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Alan. Glad you have had the leaflets. I have been delivering them in my village. George will make a fine MP. We are lucky to have him.

If all the Libs can do is comment on Keiths photo I do not think he will have trouble getting in.Perhaps he was trying to save money something the other parties have forgotton about.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You make yourself look so silly.

How does printing an old photo on new leaflets save any money ?

Please explain or go away.

Iain Dale said...

Oh dear, Nich. Caught out again. The person you refer to was not an ordinary member of the public. He was a well known LibDem activists who, I gather was indeed being pathetic.

Do try harder next time you want to smear Keith.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, the last time you commented to one of my article about a hustings, you made a number of allegations based on hearing something third hand, including make incorrect statements about the attendance record of a Lib Dem councillor.

When these were errors were pointed out, including the councillor making clear you were wrong, you offered no response (or apology).

So you record of accurate reporting from Kent on hustings meetings that happen in Norfolk really does not have a good history does it.

As for the so called "well know Lib Dem activist", I gather he will now help us, in great part thanks to Mr Simpson, but to describe someone who was last active in the party back in 1990 as "a well know Lib Dem activist", is pushing the envelope somewhat.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh, and still no apology on twitter for insinuating that I was breaking electoral law Iain.

Iain Dale said...

No idea what you are referring to on Twitter.

I didn't hear it third hand. I heard it from the person involved in the conversation. Unlike you.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, don't make me search your twitter feed. About 11pm last night, a comment about removing leaflets from letterboxes. Don't act thick Iain.

Still no response to our Councillor you made incorrect comments about on the previous posting I made about hustings ?