Three weeks later, the leaflet the Tories are still delivering in Broadland

I was staggered today to receive through my door a leaflet that the Tories were delivering when the election was first called more than three weeks ago.

This is the one and only non freepost leaflet that they have got out.

Compare this to the four leaflets we (Lib Dems) have delivered by hand in my ward and across the majority of Broadland with another leaflet having gone out in my ward over the weekend before the election was called.

I'll put the Lib Dem leaflets on my blog later.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Why all this concern about leaflets. Its what people do that matters. The more different leaflets the more cost, does that not matter?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh do keep up.

Keith Simpson has not been MP for Taverham as it has been part of Norwich North, so leaflets are even more important given the context, of which you seem to know so little.

Better sometimes to say nothing and let people assume you are stupid than to write a comment on a blog and confirm it !

Johnny Norfolk said...

Try this link insead of felling trees and printing leflets.


Tells you all you need to know. For those that do not have a PC please remind them you can go on line for free at any county libary

Do keep up Nich leaflets are yesterday.

The main man said...

So why are the tories posting 4million leaflets in target seats this weekend ? So why did they deliver so many in the Norwich north byelection ?

People see internet campaigning as lazy. People want to see their representatives earning their votes.

The Internet only supports campaigns, it is no replacement:

Norfolk Blogger said...

Indeed. The more he says, the less people want to vote Tory.

The link to the stuff about the Tories posting leaflets is below.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Its the policies that matter, and all this about who uses what photo or when leaflts have been delivered and that such and such a party have yet to deliver leflets is quite frankly childish.
Talk about the issues not the logistics for goodness sake.