Who will campaign against the Tories "Sky Tax" ?

After reading an article the other day about the Tories wanting to remove Ofcom's power to restrict and control the virtual monopoly Sky have in the pay tv sector in the UK, I wrote about the squalid deal the Tories appear to me to have done in order to get News International's support.

Now with Ofcom making recommendations on Sky and the fact that they must cut the wholesale prices of their sports content, one wonders if political parties will take the issue on and fight against the Tories plans for a "Sky tax". After all, if the Tories have their way and remove Ofcom's power to control Sky, Sky could continue to charge what they like. With estimates yesterday that a reduction in Sky's charges could save wholesale purchasers £7.00 a month, with at least £5.00 in savings for customers, that equates to a saving of £60 per year for each house who would be subscribed to Sky Sports.

So who will campaign against the Tories' "Sky Tax". After all, the Tories are campaigning against the £6 levy on phone bills to pay for high speed broadband, so a £60 charge seems somewhat hypocritical of the Tories, but it seems to be the price the consumer will have to pay for The Sun and the News of the World to back the Tories.


Red Star said...

I wonder if Antony Little of Norwich South or Trevor Ivory will put it on their own political agenda for the forthcoming general election.

Something tells me I think not.

Jeremy smyles said...

Now the economy is growing do we really want to risk it with two undried politicians with unfunded, very vague, policies,and,besides, do we really want to bring back fox hunting. For more comment see; http://torypartyflushed.blogspot.com